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For the last 10 years or so

For the last 10 years or so, I have paid close attention to everything around me, trying to learn from others mistakes, successes and lessons, to apply to my own career. So I am acutely aware of, ad campaigns for consumer goods, how people try to sell me, and even TV shows. As you can read from my blogs they are a blend of what I read from other bloggers, inspired by TV or books, or just everyday conversations.

And to it is with "Suits," one of my favorite TV Shows . It concerns a college dropout (Mike) with a photographic memory, who is so smart he takes and aces the LSAT for others (for a fee, of course). He accidentally gets hired by a major New York law firm and becomes an associate for one of the firm's top sharks even though he never did a day in law school.

In this season, Mike has left The Law Firm and has become an investment banker. He finds himself pitted against his former mentor in the firm, Harvey Spector, whom represents a competitor. But throughout the seasons have been a dynamic duo.

Harvey, the partner; Whose personality, reflects a fiercely confident and experienced lawyer. He's very clever with attacking at all angles to any situation and turning things to his advantage. Mike conversely is a formidable advisory given his keen intellect and ability to win hearts and minds with his pure intentions.

There were some marketing lessons to be learned:

- The partner, Harvey, took Mike under his wing: Lesson - It is vital that partners acquaint young people in their firm (and others with little or no marketing acumen) with personal marketing and networking showcasing creative thinking and problem solving.

- Mike wins over the prospects consistently, with legitimate and honest best intentions: Lesson - Consistency is vital to marketing success just in case the prospects tend to be fickle and difficult to win over.

- Harvey wins over prospects by dominance and swagger: Lesson - Sometimes comes off as being pushy it is important to let people know in some way you are the right person to work in their business. Confidence is attractive.

- Harvey & Mike are both very successful in their own rights: Lesson - People hire people who are aligned in a mutual mission. Whichever way you achieve gaining said confidence you can be sure that when someone trust you. You will eventually win the business.

The same math can be applied in a variety of situations and customer/seller dynamics. So, look all around you for marketing lessons and apply some of them to your own practice, Successful marketing is everywhere in everyday things.

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