Color Choices

Let’s talk about Color Choices!

How many times has a husband or boyfriend noticed that his wife or girlfriend has several pairs of blue shoes? Or that she has several shades of red lipstick? it or not, women actually distinguish color better than men. To women, all those blue shoes are not the same color. Additionally, you wouldn’t catch her wearing red lipstick with a crimson dress! Gasp!

Color choices are one of the trickiest things to imagine when clients give us color themes, choices, or options. What is GREEN to one customer might be GREEN to our programmers and designers. Additionally, in the world of web design and graphics, we see colors as codes – not just colors.

Since design can be rather diverse, today’s topic will be about Color Choices, and how you can ensure we get the right one if you request us to make a change.

Check out . This handy little browser extension is for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Simply install and rest assured that the next time you say GREEN and send us a hex code or an RGB code, you will see GREEN when your changes have been completed.

Hex Code? RGB Code? What?

Let’s take a look at those terms. A hex code is a series of letters and numbers that come after a hashtag. An RGB code is a set of three numbers that gives the degree of the colors RED, GREEN and BLUE to get the ideal hue. Using ColorZilla, they look like this:

With ColorZilla, you can mouse over any website, or even a color swatch, and the two codes will display in the bar. We found it easier to find the color that you like, and let go of the mouse so it sits on the color you like. If you click the color you like, the HEX code will show for a split second, and then disappear. You didn’t lose your information; the HEX code has actually been copied to your clipboard. So if you paste what was copied to an email or document, it’s there! Keep in mind; you’ll have to paste each new code if you click on a new one.

So! The next time you have a color change and want to make sure we have the right color, send us a HEX code or an RGB code using ColorZilla.

If that’s a little complicated, try browsing Color Schemes on Google or Pinterest!

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