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I love this word! It’s a funny word to me. Depending on where you are in the United States, people say it differently.
There are two proper pronunciations, (koo-pon or kyoo-pon) but in my area, the locals say it like kyew-pins. Regardless of how you say it, customers love them! What’s more, YAC takes coupons to a different level by giving you the ability to offer them through your Mobile Marketing.

Let’s take a look:

First we’ll need to create a coupon. So in your dashboard, go to: Modules, then from the drop down choose Coupons.
Look to the top right hand corner and you should see a black button that says Add Coupon. Click that, and we’re off!
The Coupon Wizard will take you through a series of steps, to keep this a nice and easy process.

Step 1 is merely setting up your details. This means: the title and the start and end dates that it’s good for.

Hmmm...let’s say I’m selling 4 Honey Buns for a dollar. (Love those things!) Let’s also say it’s good for the next two weeks. I’m going to want to make sure that my expiration date shows, so we’ll leave that selected to YES. If you don’t have an expiration date, be sure to click the button for NO. We’re good here! Click the Save and Continue button to move forward.

Step 2 is putting in the info with your coupon.
This is also where you’ll put in any stipulations. For example, “Cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon” or “Good Monday through Friday Only.” and so on. You’re also able to style your text with the tools available in this section of the module. (See highlighted area in image) When you’re finished, click Save and Continue.

Step 3 allows you to add an image.
Now, please be sure that the image that you’re adding is one you have permission to use. (For more information about barrowing images from Google, go here: Be sure that you click the check box that states you have the rights to use the image. This will enable you to browse your computer for the image you want to use. Once you have your image choice, click Save and Continue.

Step 4 will give you a preview and you might think it looks a little off.
You’ll see a lot of code, and your image above it. Don’t worry. You’ve completed your coupon. Just hit the black Finish button at the bottom of the box.

The module will show you that you have a new coupon, and you can preview what it will look at by clicking the black Preview button. Let’s have a look!

Oh yeah...Honey bun goodness, right there! Now...image if you got that on your phone. Folks...I’d pull a U-Turn on the freeway to go back and get this deal. (Perhaps my love of Honey buns is a bit over the top.)

Here’s how to send a coupon to your Mobile Customers:

Click the Home button on your dashboard. In the VIP box, let’s tell our mobile customers that there’s a deal on Honey Buns!

See that little black button that says Insert a Link? Well, we can insert a coupon too! Click that to check out what else you can do!

* Special Events
* Photo Albums (or a specific photo in a specific photo album)
* Coupons
* Website links

If you click on Coupons, the dashboard will list the coupons you have created that are available. Choose the one you wish to send, and you can also opt to Track the redemption of your coupons. Once you’ve chosen your coupon, you can send to multiple channels, or just your mobile.

Remember! You can always call or email if you need help with your Coupons Module. We’re happy to help. In the meantime, I think I’ll make a run to the store...I’m suddenly in the mood for Honey Buns. O_o

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