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The Email Marketing Module

Hi there, YAC Folks!

Let’s bring it in for a nice little huddle. There are a few things that we feel would be helpful to talk about, so let’s have a little heart to heart. See, we’re taking measures to help our clients specifically pinpoint where they might need help. So if you could take a few minutes, let’s talk about...

The Email Marketing Campaign

Before we begin, we think we might know what you’re thinking;
“I went to that email marketing module and there were so many bells and whistles, I had no idea where to start!”
Start with Customer Service! We’re your YAC ‘Training Wheels’ until you become your own marketing and advertizing genius! With our help, you’ll fly all over the dashboard with speed, ease and well as WE do! Read on for a few more common thoughts.

Common Thought #1: “I have a list of customer email addresses. Now what?”
You can import these rights into your customer bank. We can show you how, or we can do it for you! We’ll need your email list in a spreadsheet. Make sure that the first name is in one cell, last name in the next cell, and then the email address in the third. Send us your email address list today! We’ll import it and teach you how to do it for future reference.

Common Thought #2:”Who reads newsletters, anyway?”
Millions! Billions! Believe it or not, newsletters are one of the most effective ways to market and advertize your business! Your customers signed up to be informed on what’s happening at your business. You don’t have to send a newsletter every day. You could update your customers once a month, but it’s important to stay connected. Additionally, you can send VIPs via your email list. So, those few folks that aren’t constantly attached to their smart phones still get your messages and updates.

Common Thought #3: “How do I get more people to sign up for my newsletter?”
Promote! Promote! Promote! In marketing and advertising, if you stay silent, people really don’t know anything about you. What’s more, if they did sign up to be informed, and you don’t stay connected, they forget all about you or lose interest. With your Digital Marketing Dashboard, you can not only make yourself known, you can reach an impressive amount of people right from your PC or laptop. How to get more people to sign up? Promote a special, an offer or a percentage off for signing up! There are numerous possibilities! Creativity is key! If you’re not coming up with anything, call us! We can help!

Common Thought #4: “I don’t have time to write a whole newsletter.”
Running your business won’t afford you a lot of spare time, but as a business owner, you’re very keen on understanding that planning is an essential building block to success. Instead of plunging into a detailed business newsletter, simply write a list of all the coming events, promotions, news, or new items or features, then build your newsletters around each of these items. If you compose these newsletters ahead of time, you can save them in your drafts and then send them out as you need to. Yeup! You can do that! Choose the date and time and your newsletter will go out on the dates you choose. Need help? Give us a call! We’re always happy to assist.

Common Thought #5: “I just opened up the Email Marketing Module and...I’M LOST!” 
Okay, don’t panic! Get to a phone and call us immediately! You might have to call us a few times before you get used to all of the modules and tasks. That’s okay! That’s what we’re here for. If you need a training session, or just a refresher, please let us know! We’re happy to schedule a date and a time to get you on the fast track to success!

Always At your Service,

The YAC Customer Service Specialist Team


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