File Conversion

Let’s talk about file conversion!

Howdy Folks!

Let’s talk about file conversion!

WAIT! Before you navigate away from this page, please allow me to say, “I come in peace! I’m here to help! This might not be as long and painful as you think.”

Have a look at this:

That, Ladies and Gentleman, is a F​REE,​ ONLINE fileconverter. Yeah! Pretty cool, huh?

We noticed that many of you don’t have the software to change your Microsoft Word menus into PDFs. We also noticed that others don’t have the means to change a PDF to an image... and others need an image to be a PDF, or need your Excel spreadsheet to be an image. There’s a lot of combinations and often, you send them into us so we can convert your files for you.

What we noticed is that many of our clients dislike this additional step. You’d rather do it yourself instead of asking us to do it for you. So, we searched the web and found this online PDF Converter!

While this is a free service, it is limited. Free memberships are able to convert 10 files per month. This site does say that file conversion takes up to 30 minutes, but we tested it on some files of our own and it was less than a minute.

So there you have it! File conversion made simple! Oh, and keep in mind, we are still here to help. If you use the link above and that suits your needs, we’re happy we could bring this to you. However, if you need assistance with your files, file conversion, or anything else, be sure to give us a call. We’re happy to help!

The YAC Team

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