That moment...when you get a notification on your phone that someone hot liked your photo. Seriously! OMG, right?

I’m acting my age, I promise! I haven’t gone complete teenager on any of you. It’s just, there’s some science behind this you might not be aware of. We’re going to explore that today.

For the Gen X citizens of planet Earth and older, this whole social media thing is either a total thumbs up or a big fat thumbs down. Millennials, however, feed on social media and participate avidly. To them, it’s pretty much a staple of life, because they’ve been raised in a high tech world. For us, we shake our heads and naysay until - we take the plunge and go see what it’s all about. Suddenly, we can’t live without our phones and tablets. We’re using social media shorthand like, OMG, LOL, IDC, BFF, PM and YOLO. You started with Facebook, and now you have Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. You get more notifications than a celebrity! Look at you, you Social Media Giant, you!

Wow...don’t look now, but you’ve just become addicted!

Awww now. Don’t beat yourself up about it, too bad. There’s actually a scientific explanation for this and it all starts with a little compound that lives in the human body called dopamine. (Like this. Say: DOPE - uh - MEAN). For an exact definition, dopamine is a compound that acts as a neurotransmitter. It basically controls the I LIKE IT section of your brain. That’s pretty basic, but for all intents and purposes, it’s directly responsible for the feelings of pleasure. Ladies? Four one get one. Boom! Dopamine! Fellas? Four words....when she flirts back. Boom! Dopamine! This lil compound works in all areas of life, not just with social media. But why does it work with social media? Well, it’s instant gratification. With social media, you don’t have to wait for a sale, or hope she doesn’t roll her eyes. You post something, people respond, and if it’s positive, your I LIKE IT lights up like Christmas morning.

This is a super power. If social media has the ability to grab that much attention, then how could you use this to your advantage for your business? I mean, if only you had a marketing and advertising service that allowed you to communicate with your customers within social media circles! Wouldn’t that be great?

You’re a YAC customer, so you have this super power. Some might not use it that often, so for some incentive, you might want to know that studies show that getting notifications from businesses give customers a shot of dopamine. This is identical to when you posted that photo of yourself with your new FitBit and everyone ‘liked’ and commented on it and you felt utterly awesome! You might even look at the photo again and still feel some warm fuzzies...even though you still haven’t used it. (It’s okay, I won’t tell!)

It’s a common misconception that you’ll pester, annoy or bother you customers if you send text messages, or do updates on your social media. Honestly, nothing could be further from the truth. Your customers signed up to hear from you voluntarily. If you stay silent, a competitor grabs their attention. So not only are you not upsetting your audience, they love hearing from you!

Another pearl of wisdom? Being unpredictable can also stimulate dopamine. The theory of Pavlov’s dogs still rings true. So, if you greet your audience of customers the same way each day, you’re still hitting your marks, but consider this; if you change your images for your specials, or even update how the special is worded, it’s unexpected and refreshes your message. Something new equals happy, and BOOM, you just stimulated the I LIKE IT!

While you can schedule your specials to go out at the same time every day, did you know you also have the ability to have them go out at different times every day. Consider this – you always advertise Happy Hour Specials on Monday, but you have a new Breakfast Menu. Hello Unpredictability! Set a special for Monday to go out on Monday morning at 8AM!

To explore the possibilities of changing the times of your daily specials go out, head over to your dashboard, and choose SOCIAL. You’ll need to first change the settings in Facebook, and then Twitter. So choose Facebook first. On the left hand side of the screen, choose Settings. Now, see where is says “Send the daily events at: The same time every day.” You can actually toggle that.

If you click the arrow after the word ‘day’, you have another option.

Check this out!

You can put a different time in for every day if you’d like!

Whether you are an avid user of social media channels or not, your customers sure are! So make sure you send out your VIPs, Daily Events and your Email campaigns! It’s their pleasure! Really!

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