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How to maximize your YAC service.

When you have a PDF that you’d like to be accessible in your website pages, you’ll need to link that document inside the page.
The following steps will guide you through that process.
In the example below, I’ve typed out what I want the hyperlink to my PDF to say:

Step one is to simply select the text. To do this, click your mouse at the beginning of your intended link and drag it to the end, like so:

Now, we can program the highlighted words to link to our PDF document.
Along the top of the module, you’ll see two rows of tools that enable you to change the look and operation of what you type in the box below. We’re going to use the hyperlink tool. This tool looks like a chain link. It’s in the top row, and looks like this:
While the words for your new hyperlink are still highlighted, click on that link button. A new box will open and this is where we’ll put in our information and link our document:

  1. Click on the TARGET tab at the top of the box. There should be a single toggle box and if you click on the arrow, you’ll see a few different choices:
    • <frame>
    • <pop up window>>
    • New Window (_blank)
    • Topmost Window (_top)
    • Same Window (_self)
    • Parent Window (_parent)
  2. You’ll need to choose New Window (_blank)
  3. Click on the UPLOAD tab. This is a two part step. First, click on the Choose File button. This will open up a directory to your computer, so you can choose the PDF. It’ll show you the file name once you’ve selected it. Next, click on Send it to the Server.
  4. Wait for the document to upload, and then go to the first tab that says LINK INFO. You should see the link and the system will create a URL.
  5. Now, you just click on the GREEN OK button… You’ve linked your PDF!

TIP: head over to your website and test out your work!

When you want to add another PDF, you’ll just type in your new Newsletter title right below the one you set up.

  1. Highlight the words.
  2. Click on the Link button.
  3. Choose your target.
  4. Upload the file.
  5. Check your Link info.
  6. Click OK!
BOOM! Done!
High five!! :-)

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