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The 4 Types of Web Marketing Superheroes. Which One Are You?

The 4 Types of Web Marketing Superheroes. Which One Are You?

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Having worked for two and a half years doing marketing for web startups, I quickly realized that while I excelled at connecting with influential people within a particular niche and creating valuable content which attracted a good number of backlinks, I found that other important marketing tasks, such as community building or doing in-depth data analysis weren't the best match for my skills and interests.

It became clear that many "Web Marketing Superheroes" I knew were much the same way. They had their strengths and they had their weaknesses. What they had managed to do, however, was to focus on developing their strengths to the point that their weaknesses didn't matter. Using these people as inspiration, I took an inventory of their personal qualities and created four distinct web marketing superhero profiles. I then created a personality quiz so that you, the reader, could determine which superhero you resembled the most. Enjoy!

Captain Community

Captain Community

Your superpowers
Rumor has it that before you came to web marketing you were subject to secret government experiments which conferred upon you a boundless source of enthusiasm, as well as the uncanny ability to make lightning quick decisions. You're a master of speed and you often get things done before anyone else has time to assess the situation.

Your superhuman response time helps you keep on top of everything and by everything we mean brand mentions, hashtags, blog posts, blog comments, Facebook posts, Facebook comments, Twitter mentions, twitter DMs and everything in-between. You love engaging directly with the community, and you do it so well and so quickly that you often appear to be in several places at once!

Your Kryptonite
You thrive in situations where you can make quick decisions in real-time, but your tendency to want to "move on to the next thing" makes it more difficult to follow through with long term plans or to cultivate deeper relationships with your community members. Pay attention to these potential pitfalls as you charge fearlessly ahead.

The Blog-Fu Master

Blog Fu Master

Your Superpower
Deep within the mystical mountains of Shangri-Like, you have single-mindedly pursued excellence in the art of Blog-Fu. Through years of meditative reflection and training, you have developed the ability to understand the needs and interests of your audience so thoroughly it is as though you can read their minds. So powerful is your way with words and your ability to connect with audiences that nearly every blog post that you write compels thousands of people to read, like, tweet and share them.

Although many people train in the art of Blog Fu, you possess a remarkable gift of intuition that has helped you achieve a level of mastery that few can attain. This intuition helps you put yourself in the mindset of those who might read and share a blog post you might be writing, and thus easily tailor your content to create something that will truly resonate.

Your Kryptonite
While your sense of intuition is very strong, it isn't always right. Oftentimes you will present an idea that you "just know" will work, but will often have trouble convincing people who require data and logical arguments to back these ideas up-not your strong suit. Also, your tendency to avoid schedules and plans may make it difficult to work in a more regimented organization. You need a place that values new ideas and has the flexibility to implement them in order to thrive.

Dr. Data

Dr Data

Your Superpower
Ever since you augmented your mind to become a cybernetic superbeing, you've had the ability to telepathically dive into raw data and pull out insights that no-one ever thought was even there.

You know the data and the metrics that matter to an organization and you don't rely on hunches or instinct to arrive at your conclusions. You deal in facts and realities-nothing else. You know how to look at a mess of visitor data and segment them into distinct groups. You know how to conduct landing page A/B tests in such an organized and methodical way that few would dare to argue with the conclusions that you draw from them. You are not an idea person, but you know how to test an idea to ensure that it works.

Your Kryptonite
The cybernetic implants that you used to augment your skills with data had the side-effect of dampening your ability to read other people's feelings. Although you don't intend to, you can come off as cold and insensitive. Also, your reliance on facts and data make you less open-minded about projects that don't have a proven track record. While you should focus on your strengths first, make a concerted effort to ask about people's feelings and opinions and make allowances for them although they may seem illogical to you.

The Incredible Schmooze

Incredible Schmooze

Your Superpower
Ever since you were exposed to large amounts of gamma radiation while in the middle of reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, you have developed the incredible ability to be liked by, well pretty much everyone. You radiate charisma and people generally enjoy being around you.

If you're working for a web startup, chances are your ability to build strong and lasting relationships with people will put you in a sales or business development position. Your, talents with people, however, can be a great asset in marketing as well. Your gift with people can help build and maintain important relationships with journalists, A-list bloggers and influencers within your industry to help get the word out about your product or service. While writing original content may not be your strong suit, if you team up with a Master of Blog Fu you can often be unstoppable.

Your Kryptonite
Your superpowers grow stronger the more time you spend among people, especially people who enjoy socializing as much as you do. You'll often have difficulty dealing with logic and facts that don't have a human connection.

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