Picture this...

You have a lot of customers. You have an important message or announcement. You want each and every one of these customers to get a message from you. It’s too long of a message to send via text and you want it to have some aesthetics. So! How would you do this?

If only there was a method of communicating something to all of your customers at once. Wouldn’t that be great?

Here’s two magic words for the day, boys and girls; Email Marketing! *crickets chirp*

Okay! Whoever rolled their eyes has to stay after class and write sentences! C’mon folks! This is a very underutilized but powerful part of your marketing. YAC’s Email Marketing has attractive newsletter templates that are HTML based and we can even customize one for your business. It’s not just an email… It’s marketing!

Look at it like this way; if you threw a party and wanted to be sure all of your very best buddies were there, you couldn’t very well be disappointed that no one showed up if you didn’t send out any invitations, right? Right! So your Email Marketing is pretty much an invitation to your event, the debut of your new feature, your specials, or your special occasion! With that being said, let’s get this party started!

Importing Your Subscriber List

First, you’re going to need a list of VIPs. If you’ve got a list of customer email addresses, you can actually import that list right through the dashboard. You have two ways of doing this so let’s run through those:

Copy and paste email addresses.

Select a Keyword

Import will begin

The pop up will notify you when the import job is complete

Upload a .CSV file. To make importing your customer list easier, keep your customers’ contact information in an excel spreadsheet. When you are ready to import save your file as a .CSV.

Select a Keyword

Import will begin

The pop up will notify you when the import job is complete

Creating a New Email Campaign

Alright, Hot Shot, you have your customer emails in there, and now you need to send them a message that’s either going to reflect the holiday or your own brand. Here’s how to get started:

Click the “Create New Email” tab on the left side of the page or click the

Choose an Email template

Update your template with text and pictures and click continue & save

Choose a subscriber list and enter a campaign name and click Launch Campaign

Now, here are some things to keep in mind.

All Photos, No Type - You may need to adjust your content to meet spam score requirements. Too many pictures and not enough text as well as text in all CAPS can increase your spam score. My best advice would be not to depend on a photo alone. In other words, don’t drop a huge photo in there, call it a day and smack the continue button. Write out your message, choose a small image or two, and give your newsletter some zing with font colors. Save your fliers for events on your Event calendar.

Beware the Email Address Scrubber – Hey, we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but some of your customers might have given you a bum email address. So the 16 year old smart alec that left the email address billgates@microsoft might be pulling your leg a little bit. In cases such as these and various other scenarios, any list that is submitted is ‘scrubbed’. Once invalid email addresses reach 8% of email addresses in the subscriber list, the campaign does not continue to send to the remainder of the emails in the list. This is to prevent your campaigns from being considered spam and potentially being blocked in the future. So for all you Email Marketing newbies, we advise you to send out email campaigns often to rid your subscriber list of invalid email addresses and optimize the number of addresses you reach.

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