Read Rate Tips

Increase your Read Rate Instantly

Email marketing has experienced resurgence with the popularity of mobile devices. It still doesn’t have the same read rate as text messages (especially with marketing emails) but this can work to the benefit of the savvy email campaigner. The trick is in the “from” email address and the subject line. If you have a really short and to the point message you can basically tell your story to a recipient whether they open the email or not by using an effective display name and subject line. Because the possibilities are too numerous to list, I will give you just one example:

Make the “from” email address or display name , then make the subject line “Tuesday drinks are half off”. In the body of the email you can add more details but what you have effectively done is created a 100% read rate on the message “The Harbor Bar has the cheapest drinks and on Tuesdays they are half off” and the recipient didn’t even have to open the email. Remember, once someone has seen the display name and subject line in their inbox, they can’t unsee it.

You can create different display names for different types of campaigns like or, change up the subject lines to reflect the appropriate message and make the technology work for you!

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