SMS Tips

SMS Tips

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Smart Phones are all over the place! What used to take several devices in the 80’s and 90’s is now sleekly, conveniently, and easily packaged into one amazing little device that fits right in your pocket! We use them for everything! While many people see their smart phones as a way of life, there are some that aren’t exactly sold on using their phones for advertising. After all, there are probably a lot of parents that remember a time when a conversation with their teenager didn’t involve waiting for eye contact...because they were texting. However, texting is the new channel of business marketing and advertising! For those of you that are on the fence, we offer:

SMS Messaging

Here are some common thoughts that might prevent you from using this advantage:

Common Thought #1: “I don’t have that many people on my SMS Texting list. Why should I send a text?”
Not only is this method advantageous, it’s effective! By pushing your keyword, you invite new customers to sign up to get your messages and grow you customer bank. Use your buzzcards and table tents in conjunction with your Texting. SMS Texting can be one incredible muscle in your marketing, but if you don’t use it, you won’t reap the benefits. The convenience of info-on-the-go is what is sought out the most. YAC has made sure that you’re on the cutting edge!

Common Thought #2: “No one is interested in using our keyword.”
It might not be your keyword. It might be time to switch up your offer. Remember, letting people know what the specials are is a great way to let your customers know what’s happening, but offering discounts, promoting new items or offering exclusives to your VIP members only let’s your customers know that they’re in a separate group that affords them benefits that others don’t have. .. this is what encourages more sign ups!

Common Thought #3: “I don’t want to bug people with Text Messages.”
Now hold on... Your customers signed up voluntarily to receive messages from you. That means that they actually want to hear from you. Don’t be shy! Send your customers a message and let them know what’s happening at your business. You don’t have to send a text message daily, just frequently. Keep your messages short and to the point, make sure the offers are awesome and change it up!

Common Thought #4: “I’m out of buzzcards!!”
No problem! We can take your order for more buzzcards right over the phone. We also offer posters, table tents, buttons, and window clings. This helps push your keyword! Call your order in today!

Common Thought #5: “I don’t have time to send a text message.”
Ten minutes and Boom! You’re done! You can do it! You can also send that same message to Facebook, Twitter, your website and to your newsletter subscribers too!

More Helpful Info:
* SMS Contests – Ever thought of running a contest? It’s a great way to get new customers to sign up!
Here’s how it works:

* Plan a start and end date for your contest. 
* Promote your contest via Facebook, Twitter, your website, or through newsletters. 
* On the day that your contest ends, go to the SMS Content Module, enter your start date and end date and then, choose a winner. 
* Once you’ve chosen a winner, use the mobile phone box on the right to send that lucky person a congratulatory text!

Always give us a call if you need help! We can show you how to execute your tasks in the dashboard!
Always At your Service,
The YAC Customer Service Specialist Team

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