Twitter Update

Twitter Update

Guess what? There’s a new update for Twitter!

We’ve been listening to our clients and one of their most popular requests is to share images for specials on Twitter, directly from the dashboard. I’ll give you three guesses what the new update is… That’s right! Now you can share images for your specials on Twitter from the dashboard!

~ YAY! Balloons! Confetti! Loud Music! Flashing Lights! Happy Dancing! ~

Okay, here’s what you’ll need to know about this new setting.

Head over to your dashboard. Click on Social and then choose Twitter to double check your Twitter Settings and make sure that you have the option for: Post daily event with photo: note this will limit your tweets to 116 characters toggled to YES. Then SAVE your changes. Some clients might find that this is still toggled to NO. Here’s a screenshot to help you find exactly where to adjust your settings:

Twitter Tips

Now, if you’ve zeroed in on that note about limiting your Tweets to 116 characters, I’m sure you also know that a picture says a thousand words, but let me explain before we have any further knitting of eyebrows. (That goes for the one-brow raisers as well.)

Normally Twitter shortens or truncates links, but that’s only if you go through Twitter directly. To enable you to share your Specials Images, the link has to be generated through our Digital Marketing Dashboard, which means it could shorten your character amount. Remember folks, we’re an app to Facebook and Twitter, so while we do work with both of these social channels, our functionality is more like a ‘lite’ version of the actual site. Some functionality is exclusive to the site itself.

Make sure to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need help connecting your Twitter account. Our customer service department is happy to assist.

Happy Tweeting!!

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