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YAC Gives Back Through Partnership with David Warsen Memorial Foundation

David Warsen

With the growing rate of social media networks, the way modern businesses interact with potential customers has changed forever. Businesses are no longer faceless corporations. Potential customers now have a deeper insight into a business's personality and company culture, giving them a wider perception of how a business interacts with its employees, competitors, and industry. One of the most revealing and growing trends of modern business is philanthropic partnerships; where businesses work with charities and non-profit organizations to make a positive impact.

I see more businesses than ever before are giving back to non-profit organizations, including the marketing software company YAC. These digital marketing experts partner with the organization David Warsen Memorial Foundation a Grand Rapids, MI Based nonprofit that carries on the Legacy of Fallen Hero David Warsen. A Navy Seal who laid down his life on behalf of our country. The foundation provides sports equipment for the children that otherwise could not afford them for themselves. Also they are one of the largest supporters of the Navy Seal Foundation in West Michigan.

Working with David Warsen Foundation, YAC has become part of a larger network of companies coming together to sponsor non-profits around the globe. To positive impact and philanthropic change. Businesses around the world are also following suit, partnering with charities and organizations to raise awareness and give back.

I believe as potential customers continue to conduct their market research online through social media channels, businesses everywhere are promoting a deeper and more vibrant company culture. A business that gives back invites new customers to investigate their background and products. So, I would encourage my fellow businesses to do the same.

I would also like to say thank you for David Warsen Memorial Foundation for allowing us to be a part of cause.

-James Matthews

VP of Marketing & Partner Programs

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